Quality Solutions for Organizations to Create the Future

GenieHood is an online marketplace empowered by Bluebash that provides technology agencies with opportunities to sell unique & custom services, solutions, and research. Furthermore, Geniehood provides a range of consulting, cognitive, and software development services, backing them up with an integrated portfolio. Technical enthusiasts, on the other hand, can achieve their goal of saving time and money by buying experiences and solutions at minimal costs. 


Ideation of Geniehood

Through years of experience with software development, Bluebash discovered that they are getting good leads based on the most recent research, implementations, and invented solutions to problems. Bluebash began service and product development on Geniehood in 2020. Traffic and leads began flowing almost immediately. As a result of the thought process, BlueBash supported Geniehood, a company that generates leads for companies and income for businesses without having them do the extra work while managing time to gain a competitive advantage.

What We Do

Geniehood Multi-user interfaces are designed to engage with you in an organization-centric manner, providing specialized services and solutions that address the unique needs of your organization.


The mission of Geniehood is to help organizations achieve their business objectives by advising, managing, and delivering innovative, best-in-class IT consulting, solutions, and services. We aim to make this an enjoyable experience for all technical geeks while improving time and money management. Committed to providing services of the highest quality and unsurpassed ethical standards.