Our Journey

We pioneered a flexible system for connecting businesses with more opportunities half a decade ago.

GenieHood in year 2018

In 2018 Mr. Anuj Kumar and Mr. Vishal Garg were approached by iTrust, a healthcare company and an American brand that offers All-in-One eye care software systems to healthcare organizations or physicians in the United States. As a result, iTrust received a transformative and innovative Optometry Cloud EHR platform and subsequently contracted with BlueBash (founded by Anuj & Vishal) for a lifetime of services.

One of the world's largest industries is healthcare. There are constantly new IT solutions that simplify life. In 2019 while delivering solutions to iTrust At present founders of GenieHood has developed 1500 claim form perfect print through Rails for web app solution that provide Patient management software service system to patients and organization. During the Development phase of the 1500 Form, a new aspect of the customized solution came into the limelight because in the healthcare industry Insurance companies use OMR techniques to read 1500 form data which is not possible to develop in HTML & CSS.

GenieHood in year 2019
GenieHood in year 2020

In 2020, the thought process begins with analyzing the needs, wants, and demands of customized solutions throughout the world. At present, the founders of GenieHood have developed an online platform offering specialized and customized services and solutions geared toward meeting the unique business requirements of an organization or end-user.

In 2021, Finally, the day came after the Ideation Mr.Anuj & Vishal launched an online platform named as GenieHood which provides tech-based organizations to sell custom services, solutions, and leads through GenieHood an online marketplace powered by Bluebash. Further, GenieHood offers consulting and cognitive services along with software development, backed by a comprehensive portfolio.

GenieHood in year 2021